POTS replacement recommendations
Metering, collection and monitoring of performance or operational data
  • Where existing internet is available, ATA is cost-efficient and may provide POTS compatibility
  • For hard-to-reach or remote locations, EPIK offers a 4G wireless solution*
Critical alarm monitoring (safety, theft, fire)
  • EPIK provides MFVN solution with dual-redundant modems, 8-hour active and 24-hour standby battery backup, and meets fire and safety code requirements*
Traditional analog POTS applications like overhead paging and strobe lights
  • ATA provides a cost-efficient, drop-in replacement for POTS lines
Facilities with fire and burglar alarms
  • EPIK meets fire and safety code requirements*
  • Voice over Cable provides an MFVN solution and, depending on jurisdiction, may meet security alarm code requirements

* Granite EPIK can include dual SIM cards and diverse cellular connections. Certain jurisdictions may require wireline connections for Fire/Life Safety and wireline connections may be necessary to furnish service at some locations.