Traditional phone lines still serve millions of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. POTS is reliable, and supports a wide range of analog devices, from traditional phones and faxes to equipment monitors and fire alarms.

But for many, POTS prices are rising. And in some regions, getting service on traditional copper is increasingly hard. If your organization is facing these challenges, we offer the most complete choice of POTS transition options to meet your needs.

One of the POTS replacement alternatives we offer is our industry-leading patented Granite EPIK solution. We’re excited to announce that Verizon has just agreed to partner with us in delivering Granite EPIK to customers. Click here to see the press release.

Explore this site to learn more about our complete selection of POTS replacement solutions.

POTS Alternatives

Technology has evolved, so unlike POTS, this transition is not a one-fits-all decision. Granite offers a range of innovative solutions for those looking to move current TDM applications to IP-centric or 4G/5G infrastructure. See which option works best for you.

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POTS Options by Application

Choosing the best POTS alternative depends on matching the technology to the application and business priorities. The option that’s perfect for integrated voice and video isn’t the same as the solution for Fire or Life Safety lines, and vice versa.

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POTS Alternatives: Considerations by Industry

When it comes to POTS replacements, the decision goes well beyond just cost savings. From HIPAA compliance in healthcare to ease of moves and maintenance across hundreds or thousands of sites for large retailers, finding the POTS solution that fits the situation is key to long-term cost efficiency and business performance.

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